Welcome to Vadis Technologies

First steps in Brussels

You are on your way to Brussels, human-sized capital, specialized in beers, fries and wafles!

There are a few things you may need to know before arriving…

Where is Vadis Technologies ?

At 30 mins from the city center, Vadis Technologies is in the neighborhood of Woluwe Saint Pierre.

To get there, you can take the tramway 39 or 44 from Montgomery (line 1 subway) to Jules Cesar.

I advise you to use the apps City Mapper and STIB-MVIB.

The Housing​

To find an appartment to rent in Brussels, you have different options :

  • These Facebook groups :
– Bxl à louer- de bouche àoreille (II)
– Colocation Bruxelles
– Bruxelles: Location appartement, Colocation, Sous-location chambre à louer



The STIB-MVIB manages the subway, tramways and buses. Buy a personal Mobib card : costs 5€ to make. Monthly subscription = 49,99€. You can only create your personal mobib cards in some subway stations : See on this link the Bootiks . You will need to bring your ID with you.


Bicycle: Villo :  1 day ticket : 1,60€ 7 days : 8,20€ Annual : 34,70€ or 33,70€ if you have a MOBIB card.

At Vadis Technologies

Welcome ! We are glad to have you work with us. Let me explain how it works at Vadis Technologies.

Intys Partners

Vadis Technologies is part of Intys Partners, a multi-expertise European group in management consultant and technology, which is comprised of these innovative firms, with which we share an office ;

What does Vadis do ?

  • Vadis Technologies is a RegTech (Regulatory Technology) firm specialized in Big Data Analytics, Data as a Service and smart Business Intelligence.
  • We develop our own products to meet clients’ needs: Flåir and GeT.

The People

We are a small, passionate team, of 10 people.

The Data scientists


Jonathan, Frederic, Cameron and Nicola

They create automated big data flows in order to have clean and exploitable information for the clients and predictive models (propency to become bankrput, to be sold, to growth, to fraud).

The development team


Francesco : Technical project manager

He manages the software development projects.


Vincent: ICT Manager/ Senior Developer

He develops the back-end of Vadis’ softwares, he manages the IT infrastructures and takes care of the security of the information systems.

The Business Team


Karl : Product Manager

He represents the client and is the link between business and IT.


Jean-François : CEO

He does everything others do not.

Time to Eat !

  • For lunch, we eat all together in the cafeteria from 1pm to 2pm. You can buy sandwiches and some plates here, or bring your meal are there is a microwave.
  • On fridays : free breakfast !​



Weekly Huddle on Fridays

  • Talk about your victories from the week.

  • Tell if you have blocking points and need help from someone

  • Explain what you will do next

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