Our Services

Master Data Management, Data Enrichment & Relationships

Our solution to give more value to your data

We can help you to create and keep one version of truth through data cleansing, de-duplication, quality review, enrichment and matching with external databases.

Master data provides the foundation for many key business processes. When this information is not accurate, consistent and up-to-date, organizations face inefficiencies, delays, errors, risks and poor business decisions.

Vadis Technologies works together with global data providers that ensure best-in-class data on B2B relationships.

Predictive Modelling as a Service

Vadis Predictive Models & Indicators

We are specialized in solving complex data-driven issues and understanding the needs of each customer.

Our data scientists provide tailor-made development of calculation chains to fit your business requirements. We integrate specific business rules from our customers into these calculation chains to deliver advanced, tailor-made, analytics that go well beyond the state of the art. Our team commits to the validity of your data, checking all the process and delivering you predictive indicators, scores or targets that perfectly meets your needs.

schema Vadis Predictive Models & Risk Indicators for regulation compliance
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