Humanitarian Hackathon in Brussels: Intys Data & Vadis Technologies

Humanitarian Hackathon in Brussels: Intys Data & Vadis Technologies

New Year, New Goals!

And for Intys Data and Vadis Technologies, it translates into a new challenge: using our expertise to help NGO’s leverage data for good.

Saying that we are eager to start is a bit of an understatement: our very motivated team of Data Scientists volunteered to participate to the Humanitarian Hackathon taking place on January 2019!

The Humanitarian Hackathon, organized by World Food Program and, is a two-day event, taking place in Brussels. It is designed to create technology-driven solutions for the most pressing humanitarian challenges. (

We selected the project “Beneficiary Data Management” for SCOPE, as we considered our competencies would offer the best value.

SCOPE is the World Food Program platform supporting intervention cycle for the NGO. It includes beneficiary registrations, intervention setups, distribution planning, transfers and distribution reporting and modalities.

WFP, part of United Nations, is the world’s largest humanitarian Agency, fighting hunger worldwide, so we will have a lot of work and data to treat!!

Luckily, our team of Data Scientists is super motivated to help WFP know better the people they serve, so the assistance they provide can be more targeted and appropriate! Nothing will stop us!

Our objective is also to meet contacts from NGO’s in order to create a partnership and propose them, pro-bono, our expertise in the long run. By offering them our expertise, we want to help them using the power of data for both a noble cause and a better internal management. We hope our involvement will lead to positive impact throughout communities in need!

Because Data can help make the world a better place!

Stay tuned!

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