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We give transparency when trust is unreliable.
Fast growing Brussels based regtech, we build third-party risk monitoring (TPRM) & KYB solutions.

Our solutions

Flair Diligence

Your B2B SaaS platform to evaluate the risks on suppliers and third-parties, in a 360 view, and to make supply chain compliant and sustainable.

Flair not only allows you to have an immediate view of your risks related to your suppliers, clients, business partners, in an interactive report and in a portfolio view, but also to perform your due diligence through an evaluation workflow and approval process adapted to your internal organization. Flair Diligence also allows you to comply with the Sapin2 law, the Due Diligence Act, the Supply Chain Act,…

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VPI: Vadis Predictive Indicators

Vadis Predictive Indicators

Our AI-based indicators are recognized as some of the most reliable financial indicators used in Moody's Analytics Bureau van Dijk's Orbis database, the most comprehensive resource for corporate data.

  • Our indicator measures the propensity of a company to go bankrupt in the next 18 months.

    The indicator is calculated for 25 million companies worldwide.

  • Our indicator measures the propensity of a company to be sold in the next 18 months.

    The indicator is provided with the estimated value of the buyout. It estimates the future value of the associated transaction and is expressed via a confidence interval.

    The indicator is calculated for 2.5 million companies worldwide.

  • Our indicator measures the propensity of a company to grow in the next 18 months.

    The indicator is calculated on 3 key metrics (value, employment, assets) in a given geographical area and is adapted to the sector of activity.


Our UNIQO entity resolution solution to give more value to your data.

We can help you to create and keep one version of truth through data cleansing, de-duplication, quality review, enrichment and matching with external databases.

Entity resolution and master data provides the foundation for many key business processes. When this information is not accurate, consistent and up-to-date, organizations face inefficiencies, delays, errors, risks and poor business decisions.

Vadis Technologies works for global data providers to make their B2B data more reliable.

About us

Before you make a deal or when you’re establishing business relations, you need to know who you’re dealing with. That’s TPRM or KYB and the purpose of Vadis Technologies. We provide transparency when trust is unreliable.

Our solutions aggregate, calculate, and enrich public and private data to enable our clients to have a better understanding of their third-parties, manage the associated risk, make informed decisions, and comply with regulations.

Intys Partners

Vadis Technologies is a fast growing regtech, based in Paris and Brussels. We are part of the Intys Partners group since 2018.

Our team

Our team is composed of passionate data scientists, data engineers and software developers, with 10y+ expertise in data mining and software development, combined with client-driven sales and product managers, aiming at offering optimum satisfaction to our clients.

Our credentials

  • RegTech100 2019
  • Fintech Belgium
  • Amplitude+

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  • Software.Brussels
  • Holland Fintech
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We’re now part
of Moody’s

Navigating risk is more complex than ever. That’s why we’ve merged with one of the world’s leading risk assessment firms.

Combining Moody’s rich data, expert analysis, and robust tools with our cutting-edge SaaS platform and technological capabilities, we’re paving the way forward together, helping our customers unlock opportunity in the new era of exponential risk.