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We transform public and private data into business information, using the latest Big Data and Data Analytics techniques, to help our clients gain insights on their third-parties and comply with regulations.

Our Solutions

Your platform for assessing financial and compliance risks on your suppliers and third parties #sapin2

With our unique Data-as-a-Service approach, we harvest and enrich complex business data to offer risk scoring and 360° third-party risk monitoring.

We collect data coming from a variety of sources, including information on more than 300 million companies, and we combine it with your enterprise data to deliver advanced indicators and insights that are used in a large range of applications such as supply chain, procurement, finance, compliance, fraud and public institutions.

We provide our customers with all the information they need to know about the companies they are doing business with and help to comply with Sapin II law in France, Supply Chain Act in Germany or Due Diligence Act at European level.

Key features

  • Portfolio management of your third-parties
  • Aggregate view of the risks of your portfolio
  • Automatic scoring and screening for all companies worldwide
  • In-depth view of insights and risks on individual entity and group
  • Comprehensive and interactive Due Diligence reports available at any time for every company and person
  • Graphical exploration of group structures, shareholding relationships, management or affinities between people and companies at global level
  • Advanced research on companies and people

Get Access to the World Wide Web of Companies and their Shareholders

The first visualisation tool to understand the links between companies.

The solution to cover your global due diligence, monitor your operational risks continuously and investigate your needs.

By applying a series of complex algorithms to a rich public database, GeT is the first analytics tool on the market that allows you to visualize groups’ global structure through graphs and to explore the legal and affinity links between identified:

  • Companies
  • Groups, shareholders and stakeholders
  • People with legal mandates

With GET, you can navigate your way through millions of clearly identified and legally linked companies to identify Ultimate Beneficiary Owners, concentration risks, conflicts of interest. Get KYC, KYB and KYS insights and take better and safer decisions for your firm’s regulatory compliance and reputation.

GET’s technology also allows you to establish a ranking of the companies you are analyzing according to their characteristics.

Graph Navigation in One Click

Based on worldwide private companies databases​​

Graph visualization of ownership and relationship links​​

Advanced search functionalities

Seamless connectivity and integration​

Unique “one-stop” solution to cover your third parties monitoring

Vadis Predictive Indicators

Propensity to go bankrupt

propensity bankrupt

Vadis Technologies has developed the Propensity to go Bankrupt indicator that measures the propensity for a company to be bankrupt within the next 18 months.

The indicator is calculated for approximately 15 million companies worldwide today and regularly extended.

Propensity to be sold

propensity sold

Vadis Technologies has developed the Propensity to be Sold indicator that measures the propensity for a company to be sold within the next 18 months.

The indicator is provided together with the company’s Estimated Deal Value (EDV). It estimates the future deal value of companies associated with a Propensity to be Sold indicator and is expressed in terms of a confidence interval (i.e. it has an upper and lower bound).

Both figures are calculated for approximatively 1,5 million companies worldwide today and regularly extended.

Propensity to grow

propensity grow

Vadis Technologies has developed the Propensity to Grow indicator that measures the propensity for a company to be growing within the next 18 months.

The indicator is calculated on 3 key metrics (values, employment, assets…) within a geographical scope and depending on various activity sectors.

The score indicator estimates the growth in terms of value, employment or assets.

We are proud that our indicators have been recognized as ones of the most reliables and used financial indicators in Orbis, the world’s renown data source on private companies of Bureau van Dijk.

Our UNIQO powerful matching solution can match records taking into account issues such as keyboard errors, spelling mistakes, typos, missing words or letters, extra words or letters, nicknames and multicultural name variations.

Our tool scores the similarity of data and create a golden nominal and give each entity a unique identification number and ensure you can maintain an up-to-date and accurate view over time

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