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A turnkey robust prediction software: fast, robust and easy to use

Take advantage of Vadis' expertise

Axis specialists in the use of predictive analysis as decision-making support, Vadis Advises and supplies solutions to Companies That wish to Optimize Their marketing strategies by creating sophisticated statistic models. Its value added ethics has rapidly made ​​Vadis a leader in its field. Their measurement to clients' needs, Vadis has created and developed a turnkey predictive analysis toolthat is fast, robust and easy to use:. Rank
By choosing Rank, you benefit from:
  • The support or Vadis That teams are specialized in predictive modeling
  • The expertise of its Research & Development Center
  • The experience of a company that's recognized as one of the world leaders in Their  domain
  • A unique know-how based on an approach That Ensures the use of the best practices in the field
  • Long term support in order to build on your investment
  • The available methodological support required to train your team in predictive modeling. 

Predict the behavior of your market faster and more accurately

Are you in charge of operational marketing or sales support? Your database is growing before your very eyes? Your clients' behavior is evolving ever faster and you would like to be bootable to Anticipate it?
Rank is the first predictive analysis software made ​​to offer a pragmatic solution to Companies That Focus On Their own market.
Easy to use, it will enable your team of analysts to Obtain fast, robust and easy to use results.
Based on proven technology , it will help you make the right decisions quickly and optimize your client relationship.

Anticipate your client's behavior
In a market undergoing radical transformation, anticipating your client's behavior has become a priority:
Where is your commercial potential located?
What are the most efficient actions to reach your target?
Where should you deploy your sales force? How to align your strategy with your goals ?
How to set up and distribute the objectives of a new product?

To answer these questions, predictive analysis is used to generate models from your database to Anticipate the future behavior of your clients as reliably as possible.

Save Time
With classic tools, several at at at weeks are Often Necessary to supply a valid model that can go into production. Rank was designed to save statistician's time. Its advantage? It automates a certain number of critical steps while increasefontsize font size increasement increase increasing the quality of predictions.
An example? Among 700 variables, how to identify the 10 best characterize That your potential clients? Rank does it automatically.
From now on, your analysts can construct and interpret a reliable model in a few days.

A strong return on investment
R ank's turnkey software for quickly creating high quality models, whatever the size of the database. Thanks to its methodology based on a series of proven algorithms, it helps the statisticians to construct Their models, limit the risks or errors and Ensures the robustness of That it models the gene rates.
The results prove it!
Rank predictions Keep Their Promises and can be verified when they go into production.
With a marketing operation zoals mailing Rank multiplies the return on your investment by 3 or 4!

Ha rmonized procedures for your whole team!
Rank is a durable tool. Ensures It homogenous methods work for your team: a guarantee of continuity and stability for your company
In addition, employees with good business knowledge but who are not trained in the field of statistics will usefull Obtain excellent results under the guidance of supervisors That knows about stats.

Concrete answers to your business questions
A question, an answer, an action ... With Rank, predictive analytics rapidly becomes a veritable decision-making support and offers you a valuable competitive advantage.
An example: you wonder about the objectives to assign to your salesforce No problem! Thanks to Rank, your analysts can quickly consult your database and construct a predictive model thatenables you to set precise and reliable objectives.
Whatever your requests, your data analysts team responsiveness will be improved thanks to Rank. And this will drastically impact your own business performance.

Rank applications
From your data: Which product should I sacrifice my one client fiduciary During their visits to the offices?
  • How do I optimize the return of my direct mail budget? 
  • How can I set realistic objectives set to my points of sale and how to measure Their performance?
  • Working with a network of non-captive intermediaries, how is the potential of each one identified and how is their loyalty Measured?
  • What commercial investments are to be made ​​in relation to the objectives: Where do I sternly then my commercial force? Where do I have an excess in capacity? Where should be located new points of sale? 
From your data and external data:
  • W hat is the remaining potential in my market?
  • What are my best prospects? 
  • Which countries or regions have the most potential niche for our products? • How can our investments Allocated be best for international expansion?
  • What is the credit risk or potential clients? How are value-destroyers avoided?

The turnkey prediction software: fast, robust and easy to use

Are you a statistician or analyst CRM? do you make a large number of predictive models? Increasing marketing demands require a maximum responsiveness from you?
Rank Ensures speed and automation of most tasks inherent to modeling.
Re-coding and selection of variables, construction and release of robust models ...
Save Time and Improve Quality thanks to Rank and its unique methodology, Which is based on the best current practices in modeling!
Constraint-free data preparation
Rank saves you valuable time when preparing your analytical data. Thanks to a series of high-level algorithms, it recodes the variables (including the treatment of missing values) and automatically selects the most relevant once.
When you needed to use a lot of business knowledge in order to a priori Evaluate the relevance of one variable or another, Rank cutter you from all Such constraints. Now, you can start with as many variables as you want. No more limits! Rank will process them in a few hours, or just a few minutes!
More robustness and performance
Thanks to its integrated methodology, Rank Guarantees the robustness and performance of the models it That gene rates. For example, it diminishes the impact of luck when creating your models (risk of overfitting).
And that's not all! Once in production, Rank usefull Eliminates the risk of error. Its applicability automatic verification functions Statistically evaluates the evolution and the quality of the data used. Result? No nasty surprises! You are surethat your models are stable, not only over a given period but trained usefull when it is later overused.
Increased potential analysis
Position can massively produce results. Now you are free to test hypotheses, validate the best models and select the ones that makes the most sense for your company's business.
The more you use the tool, the more you will rapidly Obtain high performance results, as when your target is sparse! In a few days, you will multiply your ability to reply to the increasement increasefontsize increase increasing demands of marketing!
You stay in control
Position has place designed by analysts for analysts. All necessary outputs have been set up so That you keep a handle on the most important parts of the modeling process.
Numerous Means of control (graphs, tables, etc.) are produced to give you an overall vision of the processes and to enable you to analyze all the choices done by rank. You can influence Therefore the model as much as you want.
More speed
Whatever the size of your database, Rank is extremely fast.
Thanks to its unique method of compression, it can load your data directly into the random access memory of your computer. This Allows it to apply validation techniques are beyond the scope That or other statistical tools.
Instant release
Rank not only can massively construct models but usefull to put them into production in record time.
In fact, the models are created: immediately executable. In addition, Rank Systemically saves the chosen recoding and automatically evaluates the quality of the scores That Produces it.
Therefore, you can launch your model in production, without a worry!
Compatibility with other statistical tools
Rank can read most data generated by the tools That you are used to working with (SAS for example).
Business Model

Rank is one of the most important methodologies of the Vadis offering Systematically and is embedded in our analytical solutions as presented hereafter (MDI Massive Modelling, ABC, etc.)


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