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Dashboards for automated monitoring of business partners

The B2B World is very complex due to the huge number of legal links between companies, holdings, investors, etc.
In a nutshell, more than 150 million of companies, 3,5 millions of groups and far above 200 million of Business related people behind (Directors, Owners, Managers, etc.) all over the World.
The difficulty is to navigate and visualize this complexity.

The GET® software is an application that allows the user to perfectly and rapidly understand and analyze the hidden knowledge behind this intricacy, be it administrative, financial, risk, commercial, legal, etc. points of view.
A real One Stop Shopping B2B Knowledge access.

Different request facilities are available and the Data Base “Orbis” of our Partner “Bureau van Dijk” is automatically embedded.
GET® is also fully customizable for you to integrate e.g. your internal Data which will be merged and analyzed through dedicated Dashboards, filters and request tools.

GET® covers your global due diligence, continuous monitoring and investigation needs:

  • Unique international « one-stop » solution based on public Data Mining which covers all “know your business partner” needs
  • Based on Worldwide Corporate Databases: 212 countries/regions, 150 million companies, 3,5 million groups, 35 million legal links, 200 million individuals
  • Direct visualization of ownership and relationship links
  • Advanced search functionalities on all data fields
  • Shortest path functionality
  • Includes Vadis Predictive Indicators (e.g. Bankruptcy scoring, credit rating, M&A)
  • Fully scalable/ customizable
  • On site or SaaS continuous version
  • Seamless connectivity / integration possibilities with other systems (ERP/CRM)
  • Possibility to create specific dashboards for third party monitoring (TPM) both for commercial and risk management purposes
Dashboards for automated monitoring of business partners:
  • Allows the continuous monitoring of business partners on the basis of public data mining
  • Unique fully integrated solution covering corporate, sanction and press/media databases with global coverage
  • Testing on external data includes the assessment of the presence of Financial, Reputation, Relationship, Change, Sanction, Corruption, Money laundering, Fiscal fraud and Adverse media alerts
  • Scalable/customizable tests and weighting methodologies to cover function, company, sector and regulation specifics
  • Possible integration with other internal and external databases
  • Customized case and access management functionalities (drill down, history of alerts, white listing, black listing,  email/SMS alerts, reporting for management/regulators)
  • Key credential: European Commission -> Click here and Discover the Arachne Project by Vadis at the European Commission
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