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Vadis Technologies is a leading European company in Big Data Analytics, Data as a Service and smart Business Intelligence. We transform public and private data into a structured database to help our clients gain insights about risks. Our team is composed of Data Mining experts, Business Analysts, Software Developers and multiple partners aiming at offering optimum support to our clients. Vadis Technologies is part of Intys Partners, one of the fastest growing European management consultancy groups with offices in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.


Data as a Service (DaaS)
With our unique Data-as-a-Service approach, we harvest and enrich complex business data to offer risk scoring and 360° third-party monitoring. We collect data coming from a variety of sources, including information on more than 400 million companies, and we combine it with your enterprise data to deliver advanced indicators that are used in a large range of applications from the supply chain, financial risk scoring, security, and government. We provide our customers with all the information they need to know about the companies they are doing business with.
Complex calculation chains
Our data analysts provide tailor-made development of calculation chains to fit your business requirements. We integrate specific business rules from our customers into these calculation chains to deliver tailor-made, advanced analytics that go well beyond the state of the art. Our team commits to the validity of your data, checking all the process and delivering you enriched data that perfectly meets your needs.
Our data scientists can intervene in your digital transformation programmes, to leverage the power of data analytics at your service. They can help you execute your digital transformation strategy based on data-driven analysis and processes. Working hand-in-hand with Intys consultants, they are experts in making your business data-driven.

Our solutions

GET TPM is Vadis Technologies' unique solution that offers complex data harvesting and enriching with a Data-as-a-Service approach.
It is currently deployed and used by the European Commission Arachne anti-fraud project.
GET TPM can be customized on-demand to support your activities in various domains such as market diagnostics, risk scoring and fraud detection on a large number of worldwide companies.

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